My Swinging Adventures

This website is completely FREE and you are allowed to submit as many swinging stories and swingers pictures as you want but the team at swinging adventures reserves the right to accept or decline any swingers stories you may submit or any swinging images you may upload.

Anyway glad the formalities are over, we hope we can build a swinging community where you can share all your swinging experiences whether it is through photos or descriptive swinging text.

We have a little bit of information regarding the swinging culture and other good swinger sites where you can get 100% satisfaction whether you or/and your partner are curious about swinging and you are just generally interested about the swinger and what he/or she does and what issues come into play when cosidering swinging.

We will be updating this site to include a bit about our Dogging Adventures in the near future, in the meantime if you need to know more go visit the dogging section on Swinging Heaven, they have plenty of locations, guidelines and an active doggers forum.

Many people have commented how this site has changed their swinging lifestyle. He are some examples:

"My swinging adventures has completely changed the way I look on a relationship. You you love someone but are sexually frustrated then why not start swinging, as long as your partner is ok with it and he/she wants some fun great. My Swinging adventures has added the zest back in to my life which I was egerley waiting for."

Lucy, California USA

"What a great site. I was really curious what swinging was all about till I found this site. I quickly found that swinging is actually not just all about fun but it has some really important intimacy issues that you must consider first. I found this interesting because I wanted to be involved in the swinger lifestyle but my partner did not and this wingers site actually helped me get another prepective on swinging."

Elliot, Birmingham UK

"Me and my partner were so curious about swinging but we just could not find any unbiased resources where we could get any proper moral advice before we became swingers. We did not want to simply just jump into a pool without knowing how deep it was. My swinging adventures helped us understood the concepts and have been enjoying our swinging ever since."

Gabby, Liverpool UK

"I did not relize how swinging can be show complicated. From a neutral point of view as I am not currently invloved in a relationship. My swinging adventures has helped me understand certain concepts about swingers that may come in useful when I am with my future partner and we need more excitment."

Denise, Glasgow UK

Please feel free to navigate around this site as you have seen in the quotes above, you can find out valuable information about swinging.